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For our motor boat courses we use a variety of motor boats, specially fitted for training. Our boat is one that most people would use for everyday motor cruising and is not a complicated training vessel.

She is fitted with chart plotter, Radar and of course all the safety equipment required for commercial operation including life-rafts and lifejackets. We take safety seriously and your course will show you the safety kit in detail on your first day before we take you through learning the handling characteristics of your chosen boat and progress your navigation skills.
She has been chosen purely for her ease of handling and ease of learning how to handle a motor cruiser and performs these tasks beautifully.

Our scheduled courses are normally run over 4 days for RYA Day Skipper & ICC training or 5 days for Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore. Helmsman training courses are 2 days.


Tuition on board your own boat for up to 3 people - £250 per day

Ideal for ICC, Day Skipper, Yachtmaster training etc. on board your own boat at £250 per day. All boat expenses and travel paid by client. Extra students at £50 per day (maximum 5).


Introduction to Motor Cruising

A one day entry level course which is ideal for introducing friends or family members to crewing a motor boat and assisting the helm.
Price includes lunch, fuel & mooring fees. Waterproof clothing loan available on request.


RYA Helmsman Course

A 2 day course covering basic boat handling, engine checks and safety. This course is ideal for new owners, conscious of the difficulty and hazards of boat handling in the marina. It is useful for crews as well as skippers to get a feel for the boat and the main areas of expertise needed.
Price includes breakfast, lunch, fuel & mooring fees. Waterproof clothing loan available on request.


RYA Day Skipper Course

The Day Skipper Motor course takes place over 4 days, with at least one night out after dark to gain the necessary night hours required. The initial stages of the course will be spent getting accustomed to the boat and the safety equipment on board before candidates learn how to handle the boat in close quarters around the marina and harbour. We stay within the Torbay area, allowing time for drills and situations such as berthing, anchoring, high speed manoeuvring, picking up mooring buoys and man over board drills.

Candidates will learn how to take charge on short passages under instruction, with help and advice from their RYA Instructor. This course can also help you get the best from your modern electronic aids such as GPS and radar, which are now virtually standard equipment on modern motor cruisers.

Before attending the course you should be able to navigate and are well advised to attend the RYA Day Skipper shore based course to brush up on your skills.
We familiarise you with the yacht and spend the week port hopping whilst you gain experience and work towards your qualification. During this time we provide you with breakfast, lunch, general refreshments and evening meals. We like to stop at pleasant anchorages and harbours and there will be the opportunity to pop ashore for a sociable drink on most evenings.
This course will include you planning & skippering more challenging passages with pilotage at day and night, boat handling and safety & emergency procedures. If you are looking to gain the Yachtmaster™ Offshore/Coastal Certificate, please let us know and we will arrange an examiner for you. If you are aiming to take your Yachtmaster™ Offshore or Coastal exam, we cannot over emphasise the need for personal preparation, your theory knowledge should be instinctive. Primarily the candidate being examined is being assessed for his/her ability to be a good skipper. You should exercise safe practices and judgment without being too overcautious. Our emphasis during this course is consolidate all that you have already learned and fine tune any areas of improvement. You will be expected to be fully skilled in the following areas: communication with crew members, confident and competent boat handling, high standard chart work and navigation, safety briefings and procedures, radio communication and meteorology skills.

Waterproof clothing loan available on request.


RYA YachtMaster™ Preparation

This 4 day course prepares you for taking your Yachtmaster™ exam at the end of the week.
Our Instructor will take you through what you already know and drill you on things that you may need to improve upon. We will organise an examiner for your final day in order to gain your qualification.

An RYA Yachtmaster™ Certificate of Competence is often the ultimate aim of aspiring skippers. It is a well-known, highly respected qualification worldwide, proving your experience and competence as a skipper.

Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore exams require a fee payable to the RYA.


Combined Day Skipper Course

An 8 day combined theory and practical course. 4 days in our classroom, learning shore-based theory, followed by 4 days on board for the practical elements of the course. Accommodation is provided on board during the practical stage.




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