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We have full Powerboat facilities. Our RIB has been built to commercial standard and


A Ribcraft 7.8m with a 200hp Suzuki four stroke outboard engine. She is very, very stable, quiet and extremely comfortable and used for our Level 2, Intermediate and Advanced Courses. She was specially designed by us to teach up to 3 students in purpose built comfortable seats (not sitting on a tube!). With an MCA commercial coding certificate we can also use her for commercial work and RIB rides for up to 9 passengers too. The rear seats are removable to allow diving gear or camera equipment to be fitted on the load area.






Tuition on board your own boat from £250 per day
Up to 3 people either carrying out an RYA course or simple boat acquaintance if required for up to 5. All boat expenses, instructor's food and travel paid by client. Please call us to book tuition on your own boat and dis-cuss the training options.


RYA Powerboat Level 1 - £222

A one day introduction to powerboating. Recommended for children under 16 only. This course is an introduction to boating techniques for launching and recovering a boat from a road trailer, everyday boat handling and the use of safety equipment. At the conclusion of the course candidates will be issued with an endorsed certificate and will have the ability to drive a boat under supervision. Includes tea/coffee & waterproof clothing.


RYA National Powerboat Certificate (Level 2) - £312

This twoday entry level course provides the skills and background knowledge needed to drive a powerboat and is the basis of the International Certificate of Competence. It focuses on low speed close quarters handling, man overboard recovery, an introduction to driving at planing speed, and collision regulations. The course can be taken inland or on the coast and your certificate will be endorsed accordingly.

The actual course itinerary will be decided on the day since we can tailor it to suit the weather conditions if required; approximately half the course is theoretical and the remainder is practical. Includes tea/coffee & waterproof clothing.


RYA Intermediate Powerboat Course - £312

This 2 day course covers the practical use of pilotage and passage planning by day on coastal waters using both traditional and electronic navigational techniques. It builds on the foundation knowledge of the level 2 course and is suited to those who aim to drive larger more powerful powerboats. During the two days you will cover cruising at planing speed and more advanced boat handling. It is recommended for anyone considering moving on to the Advanced course.
We will cover planning a day cruise, boat preparation, boat handling, pilotage, passage making and man overboard drills. By the conclusion of the course you will be able to plan and execute short coastal passages by day.

It is strongly recommended that candi-dates hold a first aid certificate and a VHF/SRC operator's certificate. Includes tea/coffee & waterproof clothing.


RYA Advanced Powerboat Course - £354

This 2 day course (including at least one night navigation exercise) is for leisure and professional boaters wanting to undertake more adventurous trips by day and night. This course will provide you with an RYA Advanced Powerboat Course Completion certificate. The course is 50% theoretical and 50% practical so the actual course timetable can be tailored to suit the weather conditions if required.

The Advanced Powerboat Certificates of Competence are issued only after an examination by an RYA examiner which is normally taken immediately after your course if you wish; the exam is about the same standard as a Coastal Skipper examination so you need to have completed the Yachtmaster™ / Coastal Skippers Shore based course.

The syllabus includes navigation at planing speed, weather and other aspects of skippering powerboats on more challenging passages in coastal waters. Anybody undertaking this course must have the practical skills of the Intermediate course and knowledge of navigation to at least the standard of the Yachtmaster/Coastal Skipper shore based course.

Includes tea/coffee & waterproof clothing. £181 exam fee payable to the RYA.


Pre-Assessment for Powerboat Instructor - £144

A practical assessment with one of our RYA instructors, which takes approximately half a day. We take you through the skills you have already gained and assess whether your knowledge is at the required level for the Power Boat Instructor courses.
This is a mandatory course at least two weeks before commencing the PBI courses, ensuring that you and the Instructors are happy and confident with your skills.


RYA Powerboat Instructor - £414

This is a specialist course to produce a Powerboat Instructor who is competent, experienced and has been trained to teach powerboating up to Level 2 under the supervision of the Principal or Chief Instructor of a recognised centre.

It is 3 days long; on the 1st and 2nd day the course will be split equally between the classroom and out on the water, instructing all modules as found in the RYA G20 Powerboat logbook. The 3rd day will be moderated by a second powerboat trainer. This is a quality control system to ensure the quality of the standards within the RYA.

The syllabus consists of: principles of practical instruction, lesson planning, teaching styles, use of questioning, preparation and use of visual aids, assessment of students' learning, explanation and presentation of theory subjects, the structure of the scheme, planning progressive teaching sessions, preparation of boats and equipment, teaching methods to Level 2.

Candidates should have logged at least five seasons' experience of powerboating, preferably in a range of boat types and sizes. Candidates will be at least 16 years old, hold the RYA's Level 2 powerboat certificate and a valid first aid certificate.
The preassessment is designed to ensure you are ready for your Power Boat Instructors course. You need to be familiar with the powerboat level 2 syllabus, and be prepared to give a short brief on any off the subjects within it. You will also be expected to demonstrate you boat handling ability.
Instructor certificates are valid for five years from the date of issue, provided that a valid first aid certificate is maintained.


RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor - £372

This 2 day course will provide you with an RYA Advanced Powerboat Course Completion certificate. Candidates must be at least 17 years old. Existing powerboat instructors wishing to teach the advanced course must hold that level of certificate themselves, gained by taking the two day course.
The course is 50% theoretical and 50% practical so the actual course timetable can be tailored to suit the weather conditions if required.
Existing powerboat instructors wishing to teach the Intermediate and Advanced Powerboat courses must hold the Advanced Powerboat course completion certificate, as well as one of the Advanced Powerboat Certificate of Completence, RYA Yachtmaster™ Coastal (Power) Certificate of Competence, or RYA Yachtmaster™ Offshore (Power) Certifcate of Competence, and attend a two-day Powerboat Advanced Instructor endorsement course.

All Powerboat Advanced Instructors wishing to teach the Advanced Powerboat course must hold one of the following Certificates of Competence with a valid commercial endorsement: Advanced Powerboat, RYA Yachtmaster™ Coastal (Power) or Yachtmaster™ Offshore (Power). Powerboat Advanced Instructors who do not hold a valid commercial endorsement will only be able to teach Intermediate Powerboat.


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